Tech Stack Experience

Experience building production full stack applications with both trendy and time proven solutions.


  • Typescript

    Strong experience in creating large type safe applications, from backend to frontend. and my personal favorite language to develop in.

  • Javascript

    Strong experience in the JS eco system, specifically I have some solid expertise in Next.js and the surrounding ecosystem.

  • Node

    Generally used for creating anything developing serverside applications Typescript / Javascript.

  • Python

    Experience creating various services like web scrapers, data transformation and analysis, and AI applications.

  • SQL

    Used most of the different flavors of SQL type databases: MySQL, PostgresQL, SQLite.

Front End

  • React

    Expertise in the React eco-system, comfortable developing most common business use cases, from live data display, messaging systems, analytics, and more. Implemented server rendered components to reduce total JS downloaded to client.

  • Tailwind

    Styled user interfaces to be consistent across applications using reusable classes to ensure on brand colors and style language consistency.

  • Websockets

    Created various real time features using web sockets to facilitate two way communication between backend services and client applications, as well as client to client interactivity.

  • State Management

    Implemented and worked with Redux for complex state management in a data heavy admin dashboard. Always taking advantage of React's state management hooks, like context, for interactivity across an application.

  • Client Query Management

    Implemented and designed applications to use a variety of query management solutions; from fetch, to Apollo GraphQL, react-query and tRPC. Worked with REST, GraphQL, and tRPC API's to create interactive user experiences.

Back End

  • Next.js

    Not specifcally a back end only, but in my opinion the backend features of Next are what separate it from React. Extensive experience creating web applications with Next.js. SEO sites, blogs, dashboards, SaaS products and everything in between. Familiar with implementing serverside rendering optimizations, such as static page generation for MDX articles, server rendered components, and middleware.

  • SQL

    Worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Strong experience working with SQL ORM's like Drizzle and Prisma.

  • No SQL

    Experience integrating applications with No SQL databases to store and manipulate data. Specifically MongoDB and DynamoDB.

  • ORM's

    Implemented schemas and used provided functions to manipulate and read data from SQL databases for various applications using Drizzle, and Prisma.

  • Event Driven Architecture

    Built event driven applications using Inngest, a package for developing type safe backend systems deployed serverlessly. Created fault tolerant backends, and orchestrated backend services in response to internal and external events. Created reusable event handlers to respond to authentication events, payment events, usage events, analytics events, and everything else.

  • GraphQL

    Created a GraphQL API for serving a web application backed by AWS AppSync. Providing real time features, and proper data fetching. Implemented authentication, and role based access control on the API.

  • REST

    Have worked with many different REST API's from third party providers to sync systems, query data, and update systems. Implemented REST API routes using AWS API Gateway, Django, Flask, and using Next.js routes.


  • DynamoDB

    Implemented a cache using DynamoDB for an application which would keep track of certain data points, and would update other systems based on changes in the data queried from a third party. Created AWS AppSync API's using AWS Amplify as a deployment, which used DynamoDB on the backend as the data store.

  • SST

    Deployed fairly complex full stack web applications securely to different environments using Serverless Stack Toolkit (SST). Designed and deployed type safe AWS applications. Deployed Next.js to AWS allowing for greater, control of the underlying resources, which resulted in much more transparency of exactly how things are running inside of API routes. Also provides easy integration with most major services.

  • Route 53

    Managed domains in hosted zones. Integrated Cloudfront distributions with custom domain names. Integrated authentication and email platforms by adding domain records which allowed them to send emails from a custom domain.

  • Lambda & Step Functions

    Strong experience in creating resilient backends, orchestrating serverless functions, and responding to internal AWS events, and external events. Developed, tested, and deployed code directly AWS Lambda and orchestrated complex data processing jobs using Step Functions.

  • API Gateway

    Created REST API's for web clients to communicate with the backend to access AWS resources like DynamoDB, Lambda, and Step Functions. Secured them using Cognito or a custom Lambda authorizer.

  • Cognito

    Created custom login flows using the Amplify SDK to secure applications.

  • Eventbridge

    Created rules to listen to events from AWS, and respond to alerts like Lambda errors. Created various integrations to respond to cloud events, like notifying and admin. Created a custom event bus to run background jobs for an application.

  • IoT Core MQTT

    For real time requirements, I have used this to send and receive messages to topics to allow connectivity between backend and client.

  • S3

    Secured and optimized storage for price efficiency for various applications ranging from static React sites, to images, and data backups.

  • Solutions Architect Certification

    Studied most AWS services, to be able to pick the right tool for the job for most use cases. Strong working knowledge in the tenets of well archtiected applications in the cloud including things like: cost efficiency, developing for reliability, and the strengths and weaknesses for most major services.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • AWS

    Experience deploying services directly using the console, as well as experience deploying using IaC using SST.

  • Vercel

    Experience configuring, deploying, and managing software applications in the Vercel cloud.

  • Netlify

    Deployed Next.js applications using CI/CD integration with Github.

  • Google

    Experience developing applications using the Places, Maps, Auth, and other API's provided by Google Cloud.


  • Clerk

    Experience implementing and securing applications / API's using the Next.js SDK. Other providers like Auth0, and AWS Cognito can be a bit heavy to work with, but are also valid solutions in my opinion.

  • AI

    Experience working with popular AI API's to create web apps. I have worked with OpenAI, AWS Bedrock, and Claude.