Obsessed with creating better experiences for business.

Walking through every day life, I constantly see things that can be improved. When I go to get food, I imagine, wouldn't it be cool to have a tracker so I can see when exactly my food is going to be done. Or if I could see the exact ingredients and quality of those ingredients on the company's website.

Everywhere I go, I see awesome ideas that can be made a reality. My greatest joy is being able to work on a system that can change the way we do things, for better. Things that reduce busy work, unfulfilling work, non-creative work. Things like manually searching for leads in a small business.

I care about accomplishing goals, and the specific tools used to achieve them are not necessarily as important to me. The best tool in the kit is the one that gets the job done.

I look forward to the future, because together we are making the future a place of rich and fulfilling experiences.