Listing Lab AI

What is Listing Lab?

What is Listing Lab?

Listing Lab is a one-stop shop for creating virtually any type of real estate text content you want. Focused for real estate agents looking to expand their marketing efforts on social media, by creating the most engaging, data rich, and insightful content anywhere.

Feature set

We aggregate real estate listing data for properties across the US by collecting and normalizing data from several public data sources, to get info on things such as listing details, recent comparable sales, market trend data, neighborhood data, and more.

Use cases

We normalize and condense this data for use in prompts for large language models.

Pricing table

We offer AI models from Claude, OpenAI, and other popular options at varying price points, and allow customization of models with an easy-to-use interface, so agents can experiment with finding the right model for their use case.


But for now that is enough on the "what", in the next section we will dive into the dashboard and see the user flow of how this all works.