Overview of Viewport Marketing

Overview of Viewport Marketing

As the lead (and only) engineer behind Viewport Marketing, I wanted to give you an inside look at how I designed our site to convert visitors into customers. From the first impression to the final booking, each step is intentional.

The homepage immediately communicates our core offering - 3D virtual tours for real estate. By calling out our ideal customers - agents, landlords, FSBOs, etc. - I guide each avatar to tailored landing pages with relevant stats and messaging. This laser focus helps match visitors with information that resonates best.

From there, I educate visitors on our full process while building trust through transparent pricing, customer proof points, and detailed steps. Once ready, customers easily request a quote via our conversational booking flow, mimicking a service rep interaction. Customers are then sent to a page where they can view and save their quote for their records.

Behind the scenes, I leveraged Next.js coupled with MDX for streamlined site generation and blog posting. When bookings occur, serverless functions validate data and sync info across tools to notify staff. This event-driven approach minimizes complexity as I scale bookings.

Back End